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Behind the Crystal Ball by Anthony F. Aveni
From ancient times to the present, magic and science have always been intertwined. In this fascinating book, astronomer/anthropologist Anthony Aveni conducts a whirlwind tour of occult practices--from astrology, alchemy, and phrenology to psychokinesis, crystals, and channeling--and finds that many of magic's ancient rites have been revived and reexamined in the New Age.
Cassell's Dictionary of Witchcraft by David Pickering
Separating truth from myth, an expert offers an A to Z guide to one of the most intriguing aspects of the super-natural. Hundreds of carefully researched articles provide explanations of the key concepts of witchcraft, from demons and exorcisms to sabbats and spells, as well as fascinating biographies of key figures. Articles on witch trials through the centuries draw on records of torture, confessions, and recantations.
Celebrate the Earth: A Year of Holidays in the Pagan Tradition by Laurie Cabot
Published to coincide with the Pagan holiday Samhain on October 31st, this new title by the author of Love Magic and Power of the Witch will appeal to spiritualists and environmentalists alike as it celebrates the eight holidays in the Pagan tradition. Line art.
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic by Scott Cunningham
Cunningham reveals the secrets of the four magical elements, in addition to the fifth one: spirit. He explores their basic nature and the types of rituals associated with each element. Herbs, stones, metals, musical instruments, colors, seasons, direction, and symbols corresponding with each element are also discussed.
Elemental Witch: Discover Your Natural Affinity by Tammy Sullivan
Outlines the specialties and personalities of each kind of elemental Witch, revealing ways to working magic with each particular element--earth, air, fire, and water--while maintaining balance with all four.
The Elements of Ritual: Air, Fire, Water and Earth in the Wiccan Circle by Deborah Lipp
Wiccan High Priestess Deborah Lipp presents a deep discussion of the particulars of the Craft in this guide to both the mechanics of her religion and the meanings behind the traditions.
Encyclopedia Of Natural Magic by John Michael Greer
A one-stop natural magic shop Natural magic is the ancient and powerful art of using material substancesherbs, stones, incenses, oils, and much moreto tap into the hidden magical powers of nature, transforming your surroundings and yourself.
Goddess Signs: Which One Are You? by Angelica Danton
Explores the link between you and the goddess within and your animal sign.
Green Witchcraft: Folk Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft by Ann Mooura
The Green Witch is a natural witch, a cottage witch, and a solitary witch. This witch does not fear nature and the woods, but finds a sense of belonging and connection with the earth and the universe. Now, in this sequel to Green Witchcraft, hereditary witch Ann Moura dispels the common misunderstandings and prejudices against the "shadow side" of nature, the self, and the Divine. She presents a practical magical practice and move towards spiritual wholeness.
Green Witchcraft II: Balancing Light & Shadow by Aoumiel
In the sequel to "Green Witchcraft", hereditary witch Ann Moura dispels the common misunderstandings and prejudices against the "shadow side" of nature, the self, and the Divine. Illustrations.
Green Witchcraft III: The Manual by Ann Aoumiel Moura
In this manual, Hereditary Witch Ann Moura presents the Craft as a course of instruction, with eight magical classes that correspond to the eight Sabbats. This companion handbook to Green Witchcraft and Green Witchcraft II can also be used alone as an exploration of the Green path.
Grimoire for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows by Aoumiel
The author of the popular Green Witchcraft series presents her personal Book of Shadows, designed for you to use just as she uses it-as a working guide to ritual, spells, and divination. This ready-made, authentic grimoire is based on family tradition and actual magical experience, and is easily adaptable to any tradition of Witchcraft.
Halloween: Customs, Recipes, Spells by Silver Ravenwolf
Offers a witch's perspective on Halloween and shares recipes, spells, Halloween superstitions, and rituals to honor the dead.
Hedge Witch by Silver Ravenwolf
Transform your life with a little help from nature! Working in harmony with the earth's energy is the heart of the free-spirited, simple garden magick known as HedgeWitchery. This guidebook from the immensely popular Silver RavenWolf has everything a new HedgeWitch needs to connect in a personal way with nature's creative, life-affirming energy and use it in magick and spellwork. HedgeWitch features a fourteen-lesson, hands-on guide that you complete at your own pace, interacting with different aspects of nature in simple yet life-changing ways.
History of Witchcraft by Jeffrey B. Russell
A revised and updated edition of the classic study on witchcraft examines the historical, anthropological, and religious manifestations of witchcraft, from ancient times to the present day, arguing that modern witchcraft in the West is in fact a serious religion that offers valuable insights.
A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook by Patricia Telesco
"Banish the ordinary in eating forever with this cauldron of culinary magic. "A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook" provides magical sustenance for family and guests with over 300 carefully selected recipes whose ingredients were especially chosen to promote magical goals--and plain good eating! Encourage psychic insight, prosperity, luck, creativity, and more--through the food that you eat."
Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham
Scott Cunningham follows up his popular book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitiopner with this tip-filled tome, which expands upon its predecessor, fills in the gaps, and addresses criticisms of his previous suggestions.
Llewellyn's Herbal Almanac 2009
Enchanting you with herbal wisdom for over fifteen years, Llewellyn's Herbal Almanac offers three dozen articles that delve into the nourishing and healing properties of the earth's most potent and bountiful gift. Get ready to heighten your green consciousness, and feel the powerful influence of herbs in your life.
Magical Use of Thought Forms: A Proven System of Mental & Spiritual Empowerment by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
Two leading occult researchers present a comprehensive training manual on how to create thought forms through astral manipulation. It includes sections on the structure of reality as well as visualization tricks that train the inner eye to build correct images.
Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce Higginbotham
Based on a course in Paganism that the authors have taught for more than a decade, this book is full of exercises, meditations, and discussion questions for group or individual study. Explore what Pagans are like, how the Pagan sacred year is arranged; what Pagans do in ritual; what magick is; and what Pagans believe about God, worship, human nature, and ethics.
The Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot
Witchcraft, an ancient and controversial subject, is examined in depth by a practicing witch, and the secret lore that has branded such magical people as "evil" for centuries is revealed.
The Real Witches Craft by Kate West
Kate West, renowned author and leading authority on Witchcraft, shares her expertise in The Real Witches' Craft. A bestseller in the United Kingdom, this trusted guide to magic is for modern Witches who wish to hone their spellworking skills. No shortcuts or gimmicks here - instead, West explores the fine points of real spellcraft, illustrated with stories from her own life.
The Real Witches Handbook by Kate West
What is a real Witch? With honesty and friendly flair, West sets the record straight about the life of a modern Witch. Dispelling common myths and Hollywood-inspired images, she reveals the true beliefs and practices of this nature-based spirituality.
The Real Witches Year by Kate West
Uncover fascinating folklore and magical qualities of stones, flowers, herbs, animals, and colors, and how to use them wisely. There are helpful tips for making a wand, celebrating the Sabbats, gardening, healing, interpreting dreams, and predicting the weather. Also featured are spells for finding a partner, sticking to a diet, boosting self confidence, and deflecting negative energy.
Sacred Sounds: Magic and Healing Through Words and Music by Ted Andrews
"Sacred Sounds" reveals to today's seekers how to tap into the magical and healing aspects of voice, resonance and music that, on a metaphysical level, have been used to induce altered states of consciousness, open new levels of awareness, stimulate intuition and increase creativity.
Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation by Silver Ravenwolf
This book has everything a teen Witch could want and need between two covers: a magickal cookbook, encyclopedia, dictionary, and grimoire. It relates specifically to today's young adults and their concerns, yet is grounded in the magickal work of centuries past.
To Light A Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the Millenium by Silver Ravenwolf
Originally released in 1999, this bestselling guide to magickal practices-based on the experiences and successes of a third-degree working Witch-has been revised and updated! Written for today's seeker, To Light a Sacred Flame contains techniques that unite divinity with magick, knowledge, and humor.
To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft by Silver Ravenwolf
This popular guide to the Craft has been helping a new generation of Witches-those practicing or wishing to practice the Craft on their own-for over a decade. Filled with Silver RavenWolf's warmth, humor, and personal anecdotes, To Ride a Silver Broomstick introduces the science and religion of the craft.
To Stir a Magick Cauldron: A Witch's Guide to Casting and Conjuring by Silver Ravenwolf
Boasting more than 100,000 copies in print, this indispensable guide has been revised and updated. Silver RavenWolf dishes out tried-and-true Witch wisdom, covering the essentials of Witchcraft.
True Magick: A Beginner's Guide by Amber K
Newly revised and expanded to include 100 additional exercises, this instructional guide traces the history and lore of magick, covers several forms of magick, including shamanism, Voudun, and Qabala, and explains the basics, such as casting spells safely and ethically.
The Truth About Witchcraft Today by Scott Cunningham
"Here is the first real look at the facts about Witchcraft and the religion of Wicca. For centuries, organized religions have perpetrated lies about the ancient practice of Witchcraft, and to this day many misinformed people think Wicca involves worship of the Devil, sex orgies, and drug use. It just isn't so! As Cunningham plainly states, the practice of magic is not supernatural or Satanic. Witches and folk magicians are only utilizing, through timeless rituals, natural energies found within the Earth and our bodies to enrich life by creating positive change."
The Witch in Every Woman by Laurie Cabot
In the tradition of "Women Who Run with the Wolves", this empowering book is designed to help women discover and learn to use their innate ability to uncover hidden strengths, protect themselves and loved ones, increase sexuality, and enrich their lives by enhancing their personal witch power. Includes spells & recipes.
Witchcraft from the Inside: Origins of the Fastest Growing Religious Movement in America by Raymond Buckland
Respected authority Ray Buckland gives you the insider's view of historical and modern Witchcraft -- how covens are formed and structured, the various branches of Wicca, rituals, sabbats and esbats and magic. Includes new material on teens and Wicca, feminist Wicca plus never-before-published photos of Gerald Gardner.
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