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Cornerstone Books' October 2008 Event Preview!

Welcome to Salem in 2008!

We're gearing up for a big October in Salem this year, and wanted to give you a sneak peek at what's coming. Check this page often for updates!
Halloween 2008

Friday October 3rd at 7pm
Susan Wadia-Ells and "Know Breast Cancer!" Girls' Night Out!

Bring the girls (and "the girls") for an evening of discussion and wine as you get the most up-to-date prevention information, including information on potential environmental and dietary risks. Susan Wadia-Ells, PhD is the founder of the National Breast Cancer Prevention Project. FREE!

Saturday October 4th at 3pm
Kathleen Kent and The Heretic's Daughter

A BEA Editor's Pick, this beautifully written novel tells the story of Kent's ancestor Martha Carrier, who was hung as a witch in Salem. Thoroughly researched, The Heretic's Daughter is an excellent portrait of Puritan life, and puts a truly human face on one of American history's most shameful episodes. Reading and talk followed by Q&A and book signing.

Thursday October 9th at 7pm
David LaFleur, Acoustic Roots Music

Blue Ridge Mountain musician LaFleur makes a special visit to Cornerstone for a cover-free show! With a rich tenor voice and a mastery of the guitar, dobro, mandolin, and dulcimer, LaFleur has been performing his unique mixture of folk, Appalachian, blues, and bluegrass for over 20 years, and has opened for such legends as Emmylou Harris and Tom Rush. Superb musicianship and an artful array of thoughtful and sometimes hilarious songs mixed with dynamic stage presence and dry wit keep LaFleur in high demand at concerts and festivals. Don't miss this show!

Thursday October 9th at 7pm
Jane Kamensky and The Exchange Artist: A Tale of High-Flying Speculation and America's First Banking Collapse at The Salem Athenaeum

Dr. Jane Kamensky, Associate Professor of History at Brandeis University, will discuss her new book The Exchange Artist: A Tale of High-Flying Speculation and America's First Banking Collapse, described as "the epic story of a founding father of our speculation nation." Two centuries before the collapse of the sub-prime real estate market, a wily New England entrepreneur triggered a crisis of value that shook the nation's confidence in money itself. Please join us for this timely event!

This event will be held at The Salem Athenaeum, 337 Essex Street, Salem, MA, 978-744-2540. Tickets are $10, $5 for Athenaeum members. Contact info@salemathenaeum.com for more information.

Saturday October 11 at 10:30am
Cornerstone Kids presents illustrator Katy Bratun with Josh's Halloween Pumpkin

Join local illustrator Katy Bratun for this tale of heartwarming family bonds. Reading, activity and snack.

Wednesday October 15th at 7pm
Grub Street North presents Karen Dionne and "The Fiction Author's Platform: How to Stand Out from the Pack (Without Stepping on Your Fellow Author's Backs)"

Independent writing center Grub Street Inc. and Cornerstone Books present this free writers' workshop with Backspace founder Karen Dionne, author of the upcoming novel Freezing Point.

"We keep hearing this phrase, 'What's the platform?'...Well, what it is is this: What does the author bring to the table? Talent is not enough. The number of slots open to fiction on a publisher's list is being reduced all the time." --Literary agent Nat Sobel, quoted in Poets and Writers Magazine

Writing is an art, publishing is a business. Publishers need to make money on the projects they acquire, and that means choosing books with the potential to sell well. Novelist and co-founder of the writers organization Backspace (www.bksp.org) Karen Dionne will help you discover what makes your project unique, so that you too, "bring something to the table."

Thursday October 16th at 7pm
Wolfsbane and Mistletoe with Dana Cameron and Toni LP Kelner

This new anthology from editors Kelner and Charlaine Harris features all-new stories by Cameron, Kelner and others, on the time-honored theme of werewolves and the holidays! Whether wolfing down a holiday feast (use your imagination) or craving some hair of the dog on New Year's morning, the werewolves in these frighteningly original stories will surprise, delight, amuse, and scare the pants off readers who love a little wolfsbane with their mistletoe. Meet these authors for this Reading, Q&A and Book Signing.

Saturday October 18th at 1pm
Andy J. Smith with Fang Fairy and The Attack of the Mutant Lunch Lady

A perfect activity for younger kids during the Halloween season, illustrator Andy J. Smith brings these graphic novels for early readers to Cornerstone Books and shares tips on drawing scary (but not too scary!) monsters.

Monday October 20th at 7pm
Cartoonist Revilo takes you to Unknown Worlds!

In this collection of paranormal cartoons, award-winning cartoonist Revilo depicts a universe more or less like our own--except for the talking haystacks, giant pet spiders, and seriously oversized felines. Meet the mad cartoonist! Q&A and Book Signing.

Saturday October 25th
Brian Lies and Bats at the Library

Join this all-out Halloween celebration as New York Times bestselling author Brian Lies (Bats at the Beach) brings his batty new picture book just in time for Halloween! Come in costume, get treats, and see Brian's "Bats"mobile. Reading followed by activities and book signing.

Saturday October 25th at 3pm
Kevin Dunn and The Necromancer

Dunn spins a sinister tale about a revenge-hungry warlock driving terror into the heart of 17th century Puritan New England. Check out this entertaining seasonal novel and join the author for a Reading, Q&A and Book Signing.

Tuesday October 28th at 7pm
Jim Nelson and Washington's Secret Navy at the Athenaeum

Maine author James L. Nelson, a former professional sailor and an award-winning maritime writer, will discuss his latest book George Washington's Secret Navy: How the American Revolution Went to Sea. Nelson is committed to bringing to life, through fiction and nonfiction, America's historical connection with the sea. His writing covers a wide range of America's maritime heritage, from piracy in Colonial Virginia to the naval action of the Civil War.

This event will be held at The Salem Athenaeum, 337 Essex Street, Salem, MA, 978-744-2540. Tickets are $15, $10 for Athenaeum members. Contact info@salemathenaeum.com for more information.

Wednesday October 29th at 7pm
Brunonia Barry and The Lace Reader

If you missed out on this phenomenally popular event this summer, here's your second chance! The Lace Reader tells the story of the women of the Whitney family, who guard family secrets and read the future in lace. Set in Salem with a "marvelously bizarre cast of characters" (The Washington Post), this novel carries a punch with a carefully crafted surprise ending. Reading, Q&A and Book Signing.

Thursday October 30th at 7:30pm
Daniel Ouellette and "Monsterland"

Ouellette is a unique act, a singer-songwriter who blends New Wave, Technopop and World Music to eerie effect. He lists lyrical influences as "love broken apart, vampires and superheroes, Buddhist philosophy and movie star icons". Performing music from his new CD, "Monsterland", Oulette plays in a cover-free show tonight. A perfectly out-of-the-ordinary warm-up for Halloween, don't be surprised if these songs take up residence in a hidden part of your psyche!

Saturday November 1st at 7pm
Dark Shadows Fan Event

Join fellow Dark Shadows fans for episodes from the series, and possibly an appearance by a member of the cast. Costumes encouraged!

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